About Me:
Mother of two wonderful but nutty children who are the loves of my life. Born and raised in good ole Columbus, Ohio. I started off dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. Early on, I modeled in a few fashion shows in high school, church charities and for some local up n coming designers., but my heart was still in fashion designing.  My dream was to become the most celebrated international black female designer. So I moved to NYC to study Fashion Designing and Marketing at F.I.T.

 During that time, I worked part-time at a clothing boutique in the Village area while attending school. There I was discovered by a noted photographer who convinced me to give modeling a serious try and the rest was history!!!


Things I Enjoy:
Lots of romance, being treated with respect, being spoiled, being pampered,
watching the sunset, watching the sunrise, traveling, sporting events (especially football and soccer), making new friends, shopping, playing tennis, playing volleyball, fine wines, a bouquet of flowers,
candlelight dinners, going to a play or
opera, going out dancing and hanging
out with my friends.

Quote: "Only you can be your greatest obstacle"


Ohio, Chicago, NYC, Pittsburgh and Miami


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